Influence of psycho-social variables on perception of ageing among teachers in Anambra and Akwa-Ibom States, Nigeria

  • Ngozi Osarenren
  • Sola Aletan
  • Ogonna Udeaja
Keywords: Psycho-social Variables, Ageing, Perception, Personality


Ageing comes with some indicators including decline in functions of the organs which take its toll virtually on every aspect of wellbeing of the ageing person particularly if this important and inevitable phase of life is not prepared for. Right perception of the concept of ageing is no doubt, the very first and perhaps, most important step towards healthy ageing. Positive perception of ageing by teachers will improve the standard of most ageing teachers and also put them in the right frame of mind as they age. The present study examined the Influence of Psycho-social Variables on Perception of Ageing among Teachers in Anambra and Akwa-Ibom states. Activity, Functionalist and Psycho-social theory of personality guided the study. The sample comprised four hundred and two teachers (402) in Anambra state and five hundred and three (503) teachers in Akwa-Ibom state selected through multi-stage sampling technique. Five research instruments namely Psycho-social Variables on Perception of Ageing Questionnaire (PSVPAQ); Brief Ageing Perception Questionnaire (B-APQ); Self-esteem Scale (SES); Self-Rating Anxiety Scale (SRAS) and Emotional Adjustment Bank (EAB) were used to collect data. Seven hypotheses were tested. Descriptive statistics, Analysis of Variance (ANOVA), Independent t-test, Multiple Regression and Pearson Product Moment Correlation were used for data analyses. The study confirmed that there was significant difference due to gender and state of origin in the perception of ageing. There was significant composite influence of societal roles, ageing stereotypes and socio-economic status on perception of ageing. Perception of ageing significantly influenced the self-esteem of teachers. It was recommended among others that there is need for welfare as well as awareness packages for teachers so as to have healthy perception of ageing and adequately prepare for such. Teachers’ gratuity and pension should be paid as soon as they disengage from service to enable them move into other areas of interest.

Keywords: Psycho-social Variables, Ageing, Perception, Personality


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