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Parental concern and teachers’ characteristics as determinants of social competence of children with hearing impairment in primary schools in Ibadan Metropolis

Samuel Olufemi Adeniyi, Olubukola Abiodun Olufemi-Adeniyi


This study is on parental concerns and teachers’ characteristics as predictors of social competence of children with hearing impairment in Ibadan metropolis. The study adopted survey research design. Purposive sampling technique was used to select five special primary schools in Ibadan metropolis. A total of twenty teachers, eighty children and eighty parents were purposively selected. Data were collected through social competence skills checklist for children with hearing impairment (r=0.74); teachers personality scale (r=0.75) and parent experience of hearing loss scale (r=0.72). Three research questions were answered. Data were analysed using descriptive statistics, Pearson Product Moment Correlation and Multiple regressions. Teachers’ characteristics and parental concerns showed significant relationships with social competence of the children with hearing impairment. There was joint contribution of the independent variables to the dependent variable. Teachers” characteristics showed the higher contribution. Based on findings, it was recommended that parents should be more concerned about social adjustment of their children with hearing impairment rather than dwelling on the hearing loss. Teachers are however required to show more acceptances to students with hearing impairment so as to help them to develop positive self- image of themselves.

Keywords: Parental concerns, Teachers” characteristics, Social competence, Children with hearing impairment

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