Self esteem and peer influence as predictors of romantic relationship quality among young adults of Methodist Church Nigeria

  • Moses Agu Ogba
Keywords: Self Esteem, Peer Influence, Romantic Relationship


The study examined predictive impact of self-esteem and peer influence on the quality of romantic relationship among young adults in Methodist Church Nigeria, Onitsha Diocese, Anambra State. It adopted an ex post facto design in exploring the correlational impact of self-esteem and peer influence on romantic relationship. The target population comprise of 3,706young adults (2,038 female and 1668 male) from which 300 young adults (135 males and 165 females) were randomly selected as sample in the study. The age of the young adults range between 18 and 30 and their mean age was obtained as 22.7 years. Three validated instruments: Self-Esteem Scale (SES), Rosenborg, (1965);Peer Influence Scale (PIS), Armsden, Greenberg, and Mitchell (1991); and Experience in Close Relationship Scale (ECRS) Fraley, Waller, & Brennan (2000);were used in collecting data for the study. Pearson’s Product Moment Correlation (PPMC) and Multiple Regression Analysis were used in analyzing data obtained. The result shows that there is significant relationship between romantic relationship quality and peer influence (r= .214; P<0.05); and romantic relationship quality and self-esteem (r= -.200; P<0.05). Further analysis showed joint predictive influence of both variables on romantic relationship with adjusted R2 obtained as 8%. Peer influence predicted the criterion more of two the two variables, peer influence (Beta= .214; t= 3.863; P<0.05) and closely followed by self-esteem (Beta= -.200; t= -3.609; P<0.05). The study raised implication of the need for clergymen to acquire counseling skills in addition to their biblical training. It was recommended that individual and group counselling should be organized by church to help young adults develop skills for healthy relationships.

Key Words: Self Esteem, Peer Influence, Romantic Relationship


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eISSN: 1595-8485