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A Comparative study of Computed Aided Learning and Traditional Teaching Method on the understanding of Linear and Quadratic Functions in Mathematics

V.O. Igbinosa


This study examined the effect of Computer Aided Learning and Traditional Teaching Method on the understanding of quadratic  functions in Mathematics. To carry out the study, the researcher formulated two hypotheses to give direction to the study. The sample of  the study comprised sixty (60) randomly selected students from two Unity Secondary Schools in Main Land local Government Area. Lagos  State Nigeria. The instrument employed in the study for data collection was a self - developed questionnaire. Data collected was analyzed  using the independent t- test Statistical tool. The two formulated hypotheses were tested at 0.05.level of significance. The results  obtained were: There was significant difference in the post test due to the effects of computer aided learning on linear quadratic  functions and also there was significant difference between the type of school used and mathematics achievement. Based on the  research findings the following recommendations were made: Mathematics teaching should laid credence to the use of computer based  as this will provides useful means of communication between the teachers and the students; students should frown at the traditional  mathematics classroom that have no computer based in it where the students opinion are no heard and others.

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