International Journal of Educational Research

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Post-Retirement Satisfaction among Ghanaian Workers –The Case of Teachers and Non-Teachers

K Addison


The general purpose of this study was to find out the factors that contributed to or
accounted for post-retirement satisfaction among Ghanaian workers; and whether
teacher retirees and non-teacher retirees differ in their post-retirement satisfaction
with all those factors that account for post-retirement satisfaction. After reviewing,
the literature eight main research questions were formulated to guide the study. Simple
random sampling procedure was used to select 230 respondents for the study. The
instrument for the study was the questionnaire. Data were analysed using correlations,
cross-tabulations and chi square test of independence. The major findings from the
study are as follows; Retirees in general are quite satisfied with all the indicators of
post-retirement satisfaction. However, a larger proportion of non-teacher retirees as
opposed to teacher retirees were satisfied with their post-retirement satisfaction.

International Journal of Educational Research Vol. 3 (2) 2007 pp. 319-333

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