Fuzzy algorithm implementation in microcontroller for DC motor control

Keywords: Fuzzy algorithm, Speed control, PIC microcontroller, Hardware implementation


In industrial automation, motor control technique plays the vital role. Motor consists of inductor or electromagnet. Causing inductor or electromagnet, magnetic inductions are produces which resists any change of motor speed. Hence, according to set point, precise speed control is challenging. However, using various control technique can be controls the speed of DC motor. The aim of the present paper is to implement hardware and control the speed of DC motor using embedded fuzzy logic. Set point have been applied externally and recorded the speed of motor through opto-isolator sensor module. In the hardware of DC motor control keypad, 2x16 LCD, DC motor driver and opto-isolator module are interfaced to PIC microcontroller. The Fuzzy algorithm is embedded in the microcontroller wherein input fuzification signals ‘error (Δe)’ and ‘change in error (e(n))’ and output fuzification signal ‘PWM’. The both of inputs of fuzzy algorithm are varied and record output of fuzzy algorithm which is PWM. Moreover, the hardware implementation has been tested for real time control of DC Motor.


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eISSN: 2141-2839
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