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Free convection of Walter’s fluid flow in a vertical double-passage wavy channel with heat source

JP Kumar, JC Umavathi, H Prema


The steady two-dimensional free convection flow of a Walter’s fluid (Model B’) in a vertical double passage wavy channel has
been investigated analytically in the presence of heat source. The channel is divided into two passages by means of thin,
perfectly conductive plane baffle and each stream will have its own pressure gradient and hence the velocity will be individual in
streams. The governing equations of the fluid and the heat transfer have been solved subject to the relevant boundary conditions by assuming that the solution consists of two parts; a mean part and disturbance or perturbed part. To obtain the perturbed part of the solution, the long wave approximation has been used and to solve the mean part, well known approximation used by Ostrach has been utilized. Numerical results are presented graphically for the distribution of velocity and temperature fields for varying physical parameters such as baffle position, Grashof number, wall temperature ratio, viscoelastic parameter and product of non-dimensional wave number and space co-ordinate at different positions of the baffle. The relevant flow and heat transfer characteristics namely, skin friction and the rate of heat transfer at both the walls has been discussed in detail.

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