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Development of Ubuntu HeartMath Workshop for social coherence and spirit at work

Steve Edwards


This study reports on the development of an Ubuntu type HeartMath Workshop for the purpose of facilitating social coherence and spirit at work. The study employed a pre- and post-test, mixed methods, within subjects, outcome evaluative design. Data were collected in three workshops with a total sample of 10 women and 7 men, with mean age 38.23, and range 24 to 58 years. Pretesting and post-testing consisted of psychophysiological coherence, social coherence and spirit at work measures. The Ubuntu HeartMath Workshop procedure included HeartMath heart focused breathing and cultivating positive Ubuntu feelings, followed by instruction and group discussion of ways in which Ubuntu could promote social coherence with special reference to work spirit. Afterwards participants provided written experiential and evaluative descriptions of the workshops. Significant and meaningful quantitative and qualitative findings provided consistent evidence as to the efficacy of the workshops in improving  psychophysiological coherence, social coherence and work spirit.  Implications for the development and evaluation of further research with other participant samples in other contexts are discussed.

Keywords: Ubuntu, HeartMath, social coherence, spirit at work

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