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Clinical informatics tools for healthcare quality improvement: A literature review

Kehinde Owolabi, Neil Evans


The paper is a review of existing literature on the importance of clinical informatics tools in promoting effective healthcare delivery. The study reports literature on clinical informatics types, benefits and challenges across the globe. The paper explains the dangers of medical errors and how clinical informatics tools can reduce medical errors, increase access to safe, effective and affordable treatment of illnesses, and promote evidence-based medicine. The paper identifies various challenges facing the use of clinical informatics in developing countries. The issues of digital divide in the use of clinical informatics tools, particularly among developed
and developing countries of the world, are also discussed. The paper reveals that hospitals at various levels should embrace the use of clinical informatics tools in healthcare delivery, especially in developing countries where there are inadequate medical personnel. The paper has the potential to inform policy makers, improve practice and contribute to research in the area of social informatics.

Keywords: clinical informatics, clinical informatics tools, healthcare, quality, literature review

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