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What is the relationship among pre-retirement guidance, social support and psychological wellbeing on retirement adjustment of teacher retirees in Osun State?

Olufemi Onijuni Olatomide


The study investigated the level of retirement adjustment of teacher retirees in Osun State, Nigeria. It also explored the extent to which pre- retirement guidance, social support, and psychological wellbeing could individually and collectively predict retirement adjustment. Survey research design was used, with a sample size of 161 drawn through a multi-stage sampling method from a population of primary and secondary schools’ retirees in the study area. Four research questions and two hypotheses guided the study. Two adapted and one adopted standardised scales were used for data collection. Data collected were analysed using descriptive and inferential statistics. Results showed that the majority (75.0%) of the respondents experience moderate retirement adjustment. The results further revealed that social support has a significant contribution (t = 6.90, beta weight = .445, p<.000); psychological wellbeing has significant contribution (t = 6.16, beta weight = .39, p<.000), while pre-retirement guidance has no significant contribution (t = -1.54, beta weight = -.093, p>.125). Finally, additional results showed that preretirement guidance, social support, and psychological wellbeing combine to significantly predict retirement adjustment (R = .676, R2 = .457, p< 0.05). It is suggested, among others, that pre-retirement guidance should be given legal and policy backing to motivate employers to prepare their workers for effective living in retirement.

Keywords: retirement adjustment, pre-retirement guidance, social support, psychological wellbeing, retirees, Nigeria.

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