Economic survey of rice marketing in Anambra state, Nigeria

  • JS Orebiyi
  • CC Eze


This study exploratorily surveyed the process of marketing of rice in Anambra State with particular reference to rice processing, storage and pricing. The results of the analysis show that old people who are mostly illiterate but highly experienced engaged in rice marketing business. Furthermore, there is a significant difference in the marketing prices of processed and unprocessed rice as well as stored and unstored rice. However, a greater percentage of rice marketers process their rice through the local mills, which have no facilities for destoning or polishing before they are sold. Local or crude storage facilities such as bags, sacs, drums and warm rooms, which are susceptible to pest and disease infestations, are commonly used. These findings have been found to be responsible for the inefficient marketing system of rice in the state. An efficient processing and storage facilities is recommended for both the rice producers and marketers. This will act as an incentive which will increase both the output level of rice, farm and market incomes with a multiplier effect of better living standard for the producers and marketers, majority of whom live in the rural areas of the state.

International Journal of Natural and Applied Sciences Vol. 1(2) 2005: 133-139

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eISSN: 0794-4713