Nodal anatomy of eight Nigeria species of Vigna savi (Leguminosae – Papilionoideae)

  • FN Mbagwu
  • CU Nwachukwu
Keywords: Anatomy, node, <i>Vigna</i> species, taxonomy, Nigeria


An investigation on the nodal anatomical features of eight Vigna species namely: V. ambacensis, V. gracills, V. racemosa, V. reticulata, V. subterranae, V. triloba, V. unguiculata and V. vexillata that are common in Eastern Nigeria were carried out. The model anatomy showed that these taxa possess useful taxonomic characters that can be used to establish inter specific relationships among the investigated taxa. V. ambacensis possessed crystal sand and vessels, V.gracillis has both aggregate and crystal sand crystal with numerous vessels. V. racemosa is characterized with aggregate, crystal sand crystals and vessels while V. reticulata has only aggregate crystals and vessels. V. subterranea has vessels with cells that are irregular in shape while V. triloba has aggregate crystals and vessels. In V. unguiculata, there are rectangular and crystals sand crystals and vessels while V. vexillata has rectangular crystals and vessels. Moreso, the epidermal walls of V. gracillis, V. reticulata, V. vexillata and V. triloba have multiseriate pentagonal cells. The presence of these nodal anatomical features is discussed in relation to their taxonomic significance.

Keywords: Anatomy; node; Vigna species; taxonomy; Nigeria

International Journal of Natural and Applied Sciences Vol. 2 (3) 2006: pp. 178-181

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eISSN: 0794-4713