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Model for predicting phosphorus removal in relation to weight of iron oxide ore and ph during leaching with oxalic acid

C Nwoye
P Agu
U MarK
U Ikele
I Mbuka
C Anyakwo


Model for predicting the concentration of phosphorus removed during leaching of iron oxide ore with oxalic acid solution has been derived. The model; P = 150.5/ua was found to predict the concentration of phosphorus removed with high degree of precision, being dependent on the values of the final leaching solution pH and weight of iron oxide ore added. It was observed that the validity of the model is rooted in equation (1), where the values of both sides of the equation were correspondingly almost equal. The positive or negative deviation of each of the model-predicted values of P (removed) from those of the experimental values were found to be less than 26%, which is quite within the range of acceptable deviation limit for experimental results.

Keywords: Phosphorus, oxalic acid, iron oxide ore, leaching, modeling