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Appropriate language for introducing object oriented programming in tertiary institutions

O Fajuyigbe
E Onibere
G Ekuobase


Object Oriented Programming (OOP) has attained a level of acceptance in the software development community so much so that one is now considered a charlatan to have a degree in computing without the flare for OOP. Computing students must therefore be equipped with this skill. The need to do this using the most appropriate language is critical. We are not aware that any such language has been identified based on scientific instruments or parameters, except on individual opinion or affiliation. To this end, adopting the enhanced Alexander’s scheme, we identified and defined a set of criteria critical to the selection of the most appropriate programming language for introducing students to Object-Oriented concepts and programming. Furthermore, based on these criteria, we produced a rating showing the appropriateness of selected programming languages to the teaching and learning of OOP. The rating showed the suitability of these languages to the teaching and learning of OOP. The programming languages selected were the programming  languages rated among the IT skills required in a tough job market: Java, C#, C++, C and Visual BASIC

Keywords: OOP, teaching and learning, programming languages, selection criteria