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Influence of soil and water conservation techniques on yield of small-holder swamp rice farmers in Imo state, Nigeria

AO Chukwu
AE Onweagba


The study determined the application of soil and water conservation techniques in relation to yield of small-holder swamp rice farmers in Imo State, Nigeria in 2009. Specifically, the socio-economic characteristics of the farmer were described, their influence on the application of the techniques examined and relationship of application of the techniques and yield of farmers ascertained. Purposive and multi-staged random sampling techniques were adopted to select 270 respondents. However, 268 copies of the instrument were retrieved and used for the study. Primary data were
collected through the use of structured questionnaires and interview schedules. The data generated were subjected to both descriptive (frequency, mean and percentage) and inferential (logistic regression, z and t-test) statistical analyses. The study showed that positive significant relationship between gender, education level, yield, access to credit/loan, social participation and application were established, while negative relationship existed between family size, farm size, land tenure and application. This was determined at 5% and 1% levels of significance. Furthermore, a significant positive relationship between yield and application was established at 5% level of significance. The study recommended that small holder swamp rice farmers be motivated through
provision of credit/loan with mild emphasis on collateral.

Keywords: Small holder, farmer, soil, water conservation, swamp, rice

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