Ghanaian Junior High School Science Teachers’ attitude towards contextualised Science instruction

  • EID Ngman-Wara
  • J Anamuah-Mensah
  • JOE Otuka


Contextualising science instruction has been found to improve pupils’ understanding of science content since it links science content to the context of the pupil. Science teachers play vital roles in this effort to make science teaching relevant to the Ghanaian child through contextualisation of science instruction. Their successful role will depend on their attitudes towards contextualised instruction. The study sought to investigate junior high school science teachers’ attitude towards contextualised science instruction. The study employed the survey design to collect data. The study sample consisted of 288 junior high school science teachers (33 females and 255 males). However 204 (24 females and 180 males) of the respondents, representing 70.8 % of the total sample, submitted their completed questionnaires. Some key findings that emerged in the study were: Majority of the JHS science teachers had a positive attitude towards contextualised science instruction. The years of teaching experience correlated positively and significantly with the participants’ attitude towards contextualised science instruction. A number of implications for contextualised science instruction were made. Also recommendations were made to the Ministry of Education, Ghana Education Service and science educators.

Journal Identifiers

print ISSN: 2026-6081