Quality Mathematics Education Delivery: Circuit Supervisors’ Supervisory Practices from the Lenses Of The Ghanaian Basic School Teacher

  • Michael J. Nabie


The study surveyed basic school teachers’ perceptions of circuit supervisors (CSs) practices towards providing quality mathematics education delivery in Ghana. Using convenience sampling, 55 basic school teachers (43 male, 21 female) were selected for the study. A 20-item anonymous questionnaire was used to study participants’ perceived views of CSs activities in their schools. The resulting quantitative data from the instrument were descriptively analysed. The results showed that CSs performed their traditional roles of interacting, observing teachers’ practices in the mathematics classroom, and providing feedback intended to support instructional delivery. However, the study revealed that the feedback support provided by the CSs is at variance with mathematics teacher needs for effective practice and contrary to curriculum recommendations. A qualitative study of the CS in action is suggested to complete the story.


Journal Identifiers

print ISSN: 2026-6081