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Protein extractability from defatted Moringa oleifera lam. seeds flour

Govardhan RS Singh, BS Ogunsina, C Radha


Protein extractability from defatted Moringa oleifera seed flour was studied under various conditions of pH (2-10), time (5-60 minutes), salts (NaCl and CaCl ), salt concentrations (0-2 M) and solvent to flour ratio (10:1-30:1). 2 Results showed that protein extractability was dependent on pH, type of salt, salt  concentrations and extraction time. Salts extracted more proteins from the moringa seed flour than water. Maximum extraction of protein was 85.06% and 84.72% with 0.5 M CaCl and 0.75 M NaCl respectively. On varying the pH, maximum extraction of 2 protein from defatted moringa flour was obtained at pH 4 with 0.5 M CaCl . Solvent to flour ratio had no 2 significant effect on the protein extractability.

Keywords: Moringa Seed, Protein Extractability, Solubility, Salt Concentration

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