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The biosorption of cadmium and lead ions from aqueous Solution using musa paradisiaca stalk

B O Ogunsile, O A Babarinde


The biosorption potentiality of Musa paradisiaca stalk at removing cadmium and lead ions from aqueous solution was investigated. The biosorption experiment was carried out as a function of contact time, initial pH, initial metal ion concentration and biosorbent dose. Adsorption equilibria were obtained from batch experiment and described using the Langmuir and Freundlich isotherm models. Kinetics of adsorption was fitted into the pseudo - first and second - order kinetic equations to quantitatively describe cadmium and lead uptake from aqueous solution. The results showed that the maximum biosorption capacity was 7.73 mg/g and 6.78 mg/g for cadmium and lead ion respectively at 300 K and a pH of 6. At a constant concentration of adsorbate, cadmium ion reached saturation faster than the lead ion. The biosorption kinetics followed the pseudo second model for the two ions.

 Keywords: Musa paradisiaca, Biosorption, Cadmium, Lead, Isotherm

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