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Yield evaluation of Pleurotus pulmonarius (Oyster mushroom) on different agricultural wastes and various grains for spawn production

E. A. Adebayo, M. B. Alao, O. O. Olatunbosun, E. O. Omoleye, O. B. Omisakin


Six agricultural by-products were used in the cultivation of Pleurotus pulmonarius. all of which were supplemented with 2% 15:15:15 N: P: K fertilizer and 3% rice bran to increase the nutritional composition of the substrates. In addition, 1% CaCO3 was added to minimize bacteria contamination. The ramification rate and yield performance of the substrates were evaluated differently. Palm fruit husk was the best performing substrate with the highest total yield harvest (190.0g), biological efficiency (63.3%) and production rate (6.33%); banana leaves gave the lowest harvest yield  (56.6g), biological efficiency (18.9%) and production rate (1.58%). Also, white maize was observed to have the greatest suitability for spawn  production out of the five grains evaluated. Utilization of agro-waste as substrate will be of great importance in commercial cultivation of mushroom and bioconversion of agro-wastes.

Keywords: Mushroom, Agrowaste, Spawn, Substrate, Yield

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