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Nanotechnological solutions for Nigeria’s electricity supply problem

A.O. Oluwajobi


It is no more news that Nigeria's electricity supply is epileptic and erratic. This affects production outputs and productivity every sector of the economy. Various governmental efforts have so far proved abortive. The
option of using generators have high cost of maintenanoe, and other alternatives are either not feasible in the near term or are politically sensitive, as in nuclear power generation. Also, conventional solar cells are still prohibitively high. This paper proposes cheap and efficient nano-based photovoltaic cells for electricity generation and supply in Nigeria - a nano photovoltaic cell for every roof. The energy generated from the sun would be stored in inverters or other energy storage facilities like supercapacitors and superconductors during the day and would be useable during the night.

Keywords: Nanotechnology, nano photovoltaic cells, Electricity Generation and Supply, Hybrid Energy Building

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