Transient magnetohydrodynamic flow of Eyring-Powell fluid in a porous medium

  • F.H. Oyelami
  • M.S Dada
Keywords: Non-Newtonian, Radiation, Magnetic Field, Eyring-Powell Model, Dissipation.


This study investigated the effects of magnetic field, thermal radiation and viscous dissipation on transient magneto hydrodynamic (MHD) flow of non-Newtonian incompressible fluid obeying Eyring-Powell model in a porous medium. The governing equations were formulated and transformed into non-dimensional equations. Numerical solution to the transformed governing nonlinear partial differential equations was obtained using the implicit finite difference scheme of Crank-Nicolson type. The finite difference equations form Thomas algorithm tri-diagonal matrix system of equations which was solved using the MATLAB. The results showed that a rise in Non-Newtonian parameter F, thermal Grashof number Gr, modified Grashof number Gm and dissipation function Ec, caused velocity to increase whereas velocity decreased with increase in Non-Newtonian parameter A, magnetic field parameter M, radiation parameter R, Schmidt number Sc, Prandtl Number Pr and chemical reaction parameter, g. Temperature increased with increase in dissipation function Ec, while it decreased as Prandtl number, magnetic field parameter and Radiation number increased. Increase in Schmidt number and chemical reaction result to a decrease in concentration.

Keywords: Non-Newtonian; Radiation; Magnetic Field; Eyring-Powell Model; Dissipation.


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eISSN: 0794-4896