Modified function projective synchronization of multistable systems

  • K. S. Ojo
  • A. B. Adeloye
  • A. O. Busari
Keywords: Modified Function Projective Synchronization (MFPS), OPCL, Routh-Hurwitz Critrion, Multistable Chaotic System, Open Plus Closed Loop (OPCL)


The design of generalized form of control functions capable of engineering desired form of synchronization such as complete synchronization, antisynchronization, projective synchronization and function projective has very important applications in real life situations. Inspired by practical application of generalized form of synchronization, controllers which enable Modified Function Projective Synchronization (MFPS) between two multistable chaotic systems are derived based on the Routh-Hurwitz criterion via Open Plus Closed Loop (OPCL) technique. The controllers are derived in such a way that the transformation matrix can be chosen arbitrarily to achieve a desired synchronization scheme. Numerical simulation results presented show the e?ectiveness of the proposed MFPS for transformation matrix with di?erent constant values and transformation matrix with time dependent functions. The result shows that the proposed MFPS could be used to securely transmit di?erent information signals at the same time.

Keywords: Modified Function Projective Synchronization (MFPS); OPCL; Routh-Hurwitz
Critrion; Multistable Chaotic System; Open Plus Closed Loop (OPCL)


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 0794-4896