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Revised stratigraphic sequence and type sections of the Southern Bida Basin, Nigeria

G.U. Ozulu
G.O. Aigbadon
A.U. Okoro
N.I. Odiaka


A reassessment of the stratigraphy of the Southern Bida Basin has been attempted among various disagreements. For this work, field  geological mapping and stratigraphic descriptions of exposed lithologic types on outcrop sections were used. Section-by-section  descriptions of important outcrops based on field observations aided in identifying lithologic units and delineating the boundaries of the  sub-basin's three formations (Lokoja, Ahoko, and Agbaja). The type sections for formations in the sub-basin were not properly erected, so  Jones (1958) type section has been supplemented by a more comprehensive hypostratotype, and the name Patti Formation, which is  considered a misnomer in this context, has been replaced with Ahoko Formation proposed by Rahaman et al. (2019). Ahoko village is the  type locality. The Agbaja Plateau, where the Agbaja Formation is best exposed, has been presented as the lectostratotype for the  formation, while the revised stratigraphic succession of the Lokoja region shows the Lokoja Formation directly encompassing the  Paleozoic Basement terrain, with the Maastrichtian Agbaja and Ahoko Formations (former Patti) overlying it sequentially.

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eISSN: 0794-4896