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Adsorption Of Blue-Dye On Activated Carbons Produced From Rice Husk, Coconut Shell And Coconut Coirpith

FA Adekola, HI Adegoke


Activated carbons were prepared from coconut shell, coirpith and rice husk using 1 M ferric chloride, 1 M Trioxonitrate (V) acid, 1 M orthophosphoric acid and 1 M potassium carbonate as the chemical activating reagents. The prepared activated carbons were characterized using micropore volume, bulk density, moisture content and pH. The activated carbons prepared were used for the adsorption of blue-dye of concentration ranging from 100 to 2000 mg/l from aqueous solution. The results obtained indicated that ferric chloride-activated carbons produced from coconut coirpith are better adsorbents for blue-dye than those prepared from rice husk. The adsorption data fit well with Freundlich adsorption isotherm. The adsorption capacity calculated from the Freundlich isotherm was in the range of 0.0109 and 25.6448 mg/g at 28 ± 2°C at pH 8.0 and for particle size 0.08-0.5 mm.

Key words: Activated carbons, blue dye, Freundlich adsorption isotherm
Ife Journal of Science Vol. 7(1) 2005: 151-157
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