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Intrinsic gettering of nickel impuriy deep levels in silicon substrate

G A Adegboyega
O Osasona


The intrinsic gettering of nickel impurity in p-type silicon substrate has been investigated. The density of electrically active nickel in intentionally contaminated silicon was determined before and after oxygen precipitation by means of resistivity measurements. These data, coupled with minority carrier lifetime and infrared absorption spectroscopy measurements showed that apart from generating deep levels, nickel also acts as donor impurity and oxygen precipitates provided effective gettering sites for these impurities.

Keywords: intrinsic gettering; nickel impurity; oxygen precipitate; resistivity

IFe Journal of Science Vol. 8 (2) 2006: pp. 111-114

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eISSN: 3026-8583
print ISSN: 0794-4896