L’altro ‘Fuori’ E L’altro ‘Dentro’ Nel Cinema Italiano Contemporaneo

  • L Ciavola


In three recent Italian films, Paolo Vari and Antonio Bocola’s Fame Chimica (2003), Carmine Amoroso’s Cover Boy: l’ultima rivoluzione (2005) and Marco Simon Puccioni’s Riparo (2006), immigrants and Italians are portrayed as similarly embodying the other within an Italy that is depicted as a foreign country to both these groups. In these three films, immigrants are represented respectively together with a bunch of young living in the outskirt of Milan, a young man migrated from Abruzzo to Rome and a homosexual girl in the North-East; both, the immigrant and the Italian, share a sense of strangeness and otherness to the social reality they live in and to the self.

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