Radio making waves in the italian diaspora: Public sphere, Mediatised sphericules and diasporic publics

  • M Scaringi


The deterritorialised publics of diaspora are conceptually quite different from the homogenous nationally bound public originally conceived to participate in Habermas’ public sphere. However, with globalisation and parallel advances in media technologies the qualities of diasporic communication increasingly come to resemble miniature, globalised but culturally specific public spheres. The Italian diaspora’s use of radio in Australia provides a valuable case study of the ways in which mediatised public sphericules can promote multi-layered diasporic affiliations. The Italo-Australian diasporic public sphericule highlights media involvement in the formation of subnational, transnational and international cultural communities, while also highlighting the home and host nation participation and policing of these transnational formations.

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eISSN: 2225-7039
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