Journal of Applied Chemistry and Agricultural Research

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Notes on the life history of Acraea encedon l. (Lepidoptera: Acraeidae) and nature of damage to Commelina spp.

S O Emosairue, EJ Usua


The life cycle of Acraea encedon (Lepidoptera: Acraeidae) was completed in 40.3 + 2.64 days at a mean daily temperature of 27.91 + 0.440C and relative humidity of 84.8 + 2.62%. The duration of the developmental period of the different life stages of the insect are: embryonic development, 7.5 + 0.54 days; 1st instar, 10.4 + 0.54 days; 2nd insar, 4.7 +0.47 days; 3rd instar,4.5 + 0.5 days; 4th instar, 4.1 + 0.57 days; Pre-pupa, 20.2 + 0.92 hours(approx. one day) and the pupal stage, 8.0 + 0.8 days. The insect bred on Commelina species throughout the year in Calabar area, the peak of breeding activities occurred between September and November. A. encedon caused severe defoliation of the weed and no particular preference for any Commelina species has so far been observed. A single larva in the course of its development consumed 3.54 + 0.02g of fresh Commelina leaves. The nature of damage to Commelina is described

Journal of Applied Chemistry and Agricultural Research Vol. 2 1995: pp. 11-13
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