GUIDELINES FOR CONTRIBUTORS/AUTHORS JACAR is a learned Journal devoted to the publication of high quality articles in ALL AREAS of Agricultural Sciences and Applied Chemistry. Applied Chemistry manuscripts should be restricted to corrosion of materials, environmental chemistry and water quality (pollution studies), phyisco-chemical properties of naturally occurring products, colloid chemistry, nutritional chemistry and metallurgy. Articles must be original and written in English. Short communications will also be published. Only specially invited reviewed articles will be published. JACAR COMMENCED PUBLICATION IN 1994 All manuscripts intended for this journal should be prepared on A4 bond paper and three copies submitted to the Editor-in-Chief, preferably all manuscripts should be prepared using the computer. Ms can also be sent via electronic mail (Jacar Email: The length of the manuscripts should not exceed fifteen pages typed double-spaced. The following format should be strictly adhered to: • TITLE PAGE: This should include the author(s) name(s): and address(es) and an ABSTRACT not exceeding 200 words with keys of not more than eight words. • INTRODUCTION: This section should include a brief review of relevant recent literatures and the objective(s) of the study. This section should start on a fresh page. • MATERIALS & METHODS: This section should contain an explicit description of the methods used in the study. Statistical models, experimental designs, formulae etc used should be clearly stated. • RESULTS & DISCUSSION: The results and discussion could be combined or considered separately. The discussion must be well articulated and related to the objective(s) defined at the beginning of the study. • REFERENCES: References should be on fresh page and arranged in alphabetical order and must include author(s) name(s), year of publication which should be in parenthesis, title of paper, name of journal, volume (in Arabic numeral) and first and last page of the paper in cited journal and for books, author(s) year of publication, title, publisher and City. For example: • UKACHUKWU, S.N. OBIOHA, F.C. (1997). Chemical evaluation of Mucuna cochinchinensis as alternative protein foodstuff, J. Appl. Chem & Agric Res Vol.4, 37-41 • INYANG, U. E AND EMOSAIRUE, S.O (2005). Laboratory assessment of the repellency and antifeedant properties of aqueous extracts of thirteen plants against banana weevil, Cosmopolites sordidus Germar (Coleoptera:Curculionidae), Tropical and Sub tropical agro-ecosystem 5:33-44. • WILLIAMSON, G AND PAYNE, W.J.A (1968). An introduction to Animal Husbandry in the tropics. Longmans Green and Co. Ltd, London, 30-55. • ACKNOWLEDGMENT: This is optional and when included must be very brief. • ILLUSTRATION AND TABLES: Tables, diagrams and graphs should be on separate sheets and must be at the end of the Ms, all numbered in Roman numerals and have clear descriptive captions. Line drawings must be in black and white on glossy paper. Supply reproducible artwork for ring formulae and other complex chemical equations. Long reactions should be designated as schemes and treated like figures. Preferably, use the computer. • One volume of the journal will be published annually with a page charge of five hundred naira which is subject to change depending on cost of production. • Handling charges or MS processing fee within Nigeria is One thousand five hundred Naira (N1,500) and outside Nigeria is fifteen dollars ($15) which should be sent with MS.

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