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Determination of compatible component populations in yam ministt/soybean intercrop in the Southern Guinea Savannah of Nigeria.

JE Ikeorgu


A two year field trial was conducted between 1995 and 1996 to determine the optimum plant populations of yam minisetts and soybean for a productive yam minisetts (40,000 and 80,000 plants/ha) were combined with three populations of soybeans (40,000, 80,000 120,000 plants/ha) in RCB design replicated three times. Seed yam yield (5.36t/ha) from intercropped yam minisetts grown at 40.000 plants/ha was slightly but not significantly higher than that from sole yam minisett at the same population (4.67t/ha). Similarly, intercropped yam minisetts at 80,000 plant/ha (13.24t/ha) gave slightly but not significantly higher tuber yield than that from sole minisetts at 40,000 plants/ha. Soybean seed yield yields (1.01 t/ha) at 80,000 plants/ha was significantly higher than that at 40,000 plants/ha (0.70 t/ha) but not at 120,000 plants/ha (1.06 t/ha). Assessment of productivity based on total energy produced per unit area shows that combination of yam minisets and soybean at 80,000 plants/ha each (13.90 x 103 Kcals/ha) was the most productive.

Journal of Applied Chemistry and Agricultural Research Vol. 7 2000-2001: pp. 75-79

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eISSN: 1117-2894