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Germination of witchweed (<i>Striga hermonthica</i>) (del.) Benth. seeds in response to stimulation by root exudates of groundnut <i>Arachis hypogaea</i> l.)

ES Okpo
ST Lagoke
WB Ndahi
O O Olufajo
R Tabo


Seventeen varieties of groundnut were screened in the laboratory at 10 DAP, 15DAP and 20 DAP for the stimulation of germination of Striga seeds. The varieties were UGA-3, MDR8-15, FPEUR-II, ICGV-SM-87123, icgv-sm-86021 and UGA-4. Others were M412-801, 48-115B, EX DAKAR, RRB and M554-76. Included also were UGA-13, UGA-10, UGA-1, ICGV-90127 and NEGTM88-801. A sorghum variety SDSP (OD) 8900C3 was used as control. Results showed that the sorghum control caused higher germination of seeds than the groundnut varieties. Among the groundnut varieties UGA-13, UGA-10, UGA-4, UGA-3, UGA-1, EX DAKAR, MDR8-15, M422-801 and RRB stimulated the highest levels of Striga seed germination. The age of the groundnut plants apparently had no influence on activity of root exudates accepts for UGA-1, which exhibited an increase in germination stimulation from 10 DAP to 20, DAP. It is therefore recommended that any of these promising groundnut varieties may be introduced into rotation systems in the field for the management of S. hermonthica infestation.

Journal of Applied Chemistry and Agricultural Research Vol. 7 2000-2001: pp. 87-94

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eISSN: 1117-2894