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Determinants of Perceived Health and Environmental Effects of Fuelwood Exploitation among Farm Families in Ogun State, Nigeria

Odunga Azeez Oluwagbena
LA Akinbile


The determinants of perceived health and environmental effect of fuelwood exploitation among farm families were examined in Ogun state, Nigeria. The sample comprises of farm families who exploit fuelwood in substantial proportion. Questionnaire was administered to one hundred and twenty respondents to obtain primary data and data was analysed using descriptive and inferential statistical tools. Results revealed that 48.3% of the respondents were within their active age of 35 to 41 years, 85.8% were male, 90.8% were married and 84.2% had primary education. Male members of farm families exploit fuelwood more than female for economic reasons. The majority (60.0%) had unfavourable attitude towards fuelwood exploitation, while 62.5% had favourable perception on health effect of fuelwood exploitation. Also, 59.2% had low knowledge about the environmental effects of fuelwood exploitation, while 63.3% of the farm families had high involvement in fuelwood exploitation. Also, 51.7% had negative perception of environmental effects of fuelwood exploitation. Significant contribution was recorded of sex, household size and knowledge of the effect of fuelwood exploitation on their perception of environmental and health effects of fuelwood exploitation with the coefficient of 0.022, 0.006 and 0.000 respectively in the study area. Respondents engaged in exploitation of fuelwood, irrespective of their personal characteristics, despite having knowledge of the environmental problems associated with its exploitation. It is recommended that farm families should be sensitized by environmental extension experts fully empowered by government on how to make the environment a conducive and hazard free one.

Keywords: Environmental effects, health effects, fuelwood exploitation, farm families