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Utilization of cocoyam production technologies among women farmers in Abia State, Nigeria

CU Nwaobiala, TN Uchechi


The study analysed utilization of improved cocoyam production technologies among women in Abia State, Nigeria. A multistage random sampling technique was used to select sixty (60) women. Data for the study were collected using a structured questionnaire and analysed with descriptive statistics and inferential statistics (Logit regression model). The study revealed that the respondents had a mean age of 45.50 years, a mean farm size of 1.3 hectares, a bi-monthly contact with extension, while 73.33% sourced information on cocoyam production technologies from research institutes. The levels of utilization of cocoyam production technologies shows that the women utilized weed control (x̄ = 4.11), manure application (x̄ = 3.96), harvesting technologies (x̄ = 3.70), crop mixture (x̄ = 3.65) and time of planting (x̄ = 3.10), with a utilization index of 60.4%. The result of Logit regression analysis showed that coefficient of education, farming experience, farm income, adaptability and accessibility of technology influenced women in utilizing cocoyam production technologies. Disease infestation, high cost of labour and infrequent visits by extension officers were identified as constraints to cocoyam production technologies utilization. The study recommends accessibility of technology through extension and development of hybrid cocoyam varieties that are adaptable to farmers’ environment for increased cocoyam utilization.

Keywords: Utilization of cocoyam, production of cocoyam, cocoyam technologies, women in cocoyam
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