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Factors Influencing Farmer Output in the International Fund for Agricultural Development Community-Based Project in Abia and Cross River Sates, Nigeria

Chioma Udo Nwaobiala


This study analysed factors influencing International Fund for Agricultural Development Community-Based Natural Resource Management Programme arable crop farmers’ output in Abia and Cross River states, Nigeria. A multistage random sampling procedure was used to select 240 IFAD farmers (120 each for Abia and Cross River states). Data were collected with a structured questionnaire and analysed using descriptive and inferential statistics (multiple regression and Chow’s test analyses). Results from the study showed that Abia farmers realized 26 tons/ha, 55 tons/ha and 2.3 tons/ha from cassava, yam minisett and sole maize respectively, while Cross River farmers realised 23 tons/ha (cassava), 51 tons/ha (yam minisett) and 2.2 tons/ha (sole maize). Whereas Abia farmers had an adoption index of 64% each for cassava and yam minisett and 63% for maize, while Cross River had adoption index of 63% each for the three technologies. Chow’s test revealed that coefficients of wage rate (14.5***), farm size (3.52***), education (3.29***), capital inputs (4.38***) and extension contact (3.69***) influenced output of arable crop framers in Abia and Cross River states. The study recommends review of Land Use Act of 1990 and increased extension contact in order to boost farmers output.

Keywords: Community-based programme, arable crop farming, adoption index, technology utilization
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