Niche marketing potentials for farm entrepreneurs in Nigeria

  • T.A.K. Anzaku
  • E.S. Salau
Keywords: Niche, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Potential, Business


Niche marketing can be a form of diversification and a means to achieving business success in all economic climates-boom, recession and depression. There are several niche marketing potentials farm entrepreneurs can exploit in start-up and existing small and large farm businesses. Dynamic entrepreneurism, and marketing tools and a are important in creating niche market opportunities which can be nurtured to yield the expected success by employing marketing and other appropriate corporate management strategies. In Nigeria, vast niche marketing potential that exists in general farm business, domestic and export markets, processing, product differentiation, organics, and other value addition sought by consumers can be tapped. For the vast majority of the farmers who are not operating farming as a business, intensive step-by-step training in farm business and then entrepreneurship is required for them to understand and imbibe niche marketing. People already in farm business can be further trained in niche aspects of entrepreneurship to enable them create niche markets. The knowledge of the trainers should be continually upgraded to equip them to do so. Government should therefore facilitate the training of extension workers, farmers and business people in this specialized aspect of marketing for the overall good of the participants and the economy.

Keywords: Niche, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Potential, Business


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