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Challenges to Sustainability: Applying the Problem Tree Analysis Methodology to the ADP System in Nigeria

AA Ammani
SJ Auta
JA Aliyu


The paper attempts an analysis of the problems (their causes and effects) militating against the sustainability, and by implication, the effective performance of the ADP system in Nigeria. A problem tree was constructed based on problems identified by recent reports of the Agricultural Performance Survey and the National Agricultural Extension Review and Planning Meetings, activities conducted by NAERLS in collaboration with other NARIs and Federal Agencies. The focal problem is inadequate funding. The developed problem tree was then transposed, thus transforming the root causes and consequences identified into root solutions. From the root solutions, the following available practical solutions were advanced: improving funding for the ADPs through deduction of state and federal governments counter-part funds for the ADPs from source i.e. the federation account and formation of an Agricultural Development Tax Fund (ADTF) fashioned not in line with the Education Tax Fund (ETF) to provide additional and sustainable source of funds for agricultural development in Nigeria.

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eISSN: 2408-6851
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