Risk management strategies utilized by small scale poultry farmers in Oyo State, Nigeria: Implications for agricultural transformation

  • LA Akinbile
  • UN Akwiwu
  • OM Akinpelu


Birds can only tolerate narrow temperature changes; therefore, poultry flocks are vulnerable to climate induced risk. This study investigated risk management strategies utilized by small scale poultry farmers in Oyo state. A total of 118 respondents were sampled using multi stage sampling procedure. Interview schedule was used to elicit perception of climate change related on risks, utilization of available climate change information and management strategies employed for risk reduction. Data were described using frequency counts and percentages. PPMC, Chi-square analysis, Independent t-test and multiple linear regression analysis were used to test hypotheses. Majority (58.5%) of the respondents were aged between 31 to 50 years ( = 40.38 ± 10.96 years), were males (77.1% ), had high level of education (74.3%), with mean farming experience and estimated monthly income of 10 years and N330,000 respectively. Utilization of climate information was high (53.4%) among the small scale poultry farmers who had access to information. Most (55.1%) of the respondents had a high risk perception of climate change. Production risks were the most experienced in relation to climate change. Management practices were high among the respondents (61.9%) and mostly employed in cases of production risks. A negative correlation existed between climate risk perception of farmers and the management strategies employed (r=-0.413), while utilization of climate change information directly correlated with the management strategies employed (r=0.281). Significant difference existed between climate risk management strategies employed by members and non-members of PAN in Oyo State (t=2.49). Major predictors of risk management strategies employed by farmers were: production risks, utilization of climate information and financial risks, respectively (R2= 0.344).The study concluded that the level of risk perception was high among small scale poultry farmers in Oyo State, thus, the high level of management strategy used.

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eISSN: 2408-6851
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