Access and application of climate instruments in the Nigerian South West Zonal Research Extension Farmers Input Linkage System (Refils)

  • MJ Koyenikan
  • FE Omoregbee


The study assessed the access and use of climate recording facilities by the stake holders in the Research Extension Farmers Input Linkage System (REFILS) in South West agro-ecological zone of Nigeria. Respondents for the study comprised participants in the REFILS workshop (from research institutes, colleges and faculties of griculture, Agricultural Development Programmes (ADPs), National Food Reserve Agency/Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources (NFRA/FMAWR), input  agencies, NGOs and farmers). A structured questionnaire was used to collect data from 74 randomly selected participants out of about 250 participants present in the workshop. All the respondents (100%) believed climate change was real and not a myth and that climate records were relevant to their respective functions. Most of the research institutes and the ADPs had access to some weather/climate recording facilities. Some of the challenges to access and effective usage of instrument/facilities included poor funding, use of obsolete equipment and poor application. ANOVA test showed significant difference in respondents’ of institution categories (research, extension and others) with respect to access (F=8.611; p=0.000) and usage (F=19.048, p=0.000) of climate  instruments. The study recommends that all REFILS stakeholders should acquire relevant climate instrument/facilities for their use or source data where available as safeguard against adverse effect of weather or climate change situations.

Key words: Climate change, REFILS, stakeholders


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eISSN: 2408-6851
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