Effect of Bioregulators on Apple Yield and Quality Attributes

  • G Ouma Department of Horticulture, Maseno University, Private Bag, Maseno, KENYA
  • F Matta Department of Horticulture, Maseno University, Private Bag, Maseno, KENYA


Experiments were conducted in 1995 and 1996 to investigate the effect of the two bioregulators; Accel and Carbaryl, sprayed two weeks before bloom on Apple fruit set, yield and quality and to relate the degree of fruit set reduction to the yield of three Apple cultivars namely, \'Empire`, \'Jon-A-Red\' and `Braeburn\'. The treatments comprised Accel 25 ppm, Accel 50ppm, Accel 75ppm and Carbaryl 0.05%, Carbaryl 0.1%,Carbaryl 0.2% and unsprayed control. Trials conducted for two years indicated that Accel and Carbaryl reduced the fruit set of three Apple cultivars as shown by the lower number of fruit per limb cross sectional area on the sprayed trees compared to the unsprayed trees. Yield was significantly increased by the treatments and so were the fruit quality parameters such as soluble solids (0brix), pH, mean weight and percent fruit color. However, the treatments had no effect on the number of seeds in the fruit, fruit length, fruit diameter and fruit length to diameter ratio.
Finally it was observed that the most effective concentrations in reducing the fruit set were: Accel 50ppm,Accel 75ppm, Carbaryl 0.1% and Carbaryl 0.2% and they had generally high yields.
Journal of Agriculture, Science and Technology Vol.3(1) 2001: 41-52

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eISSN: 1561-7645