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Fish farmers' perceptions of constraints affecting aquaculture - production in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria

IA Akpabio


The study focused on fish farmers' perceptions of constraints affecting aquaculture development in Akwa-Ibom State of Nigeria. Random sampling procedure was used to select 120 respondents from whom primary data was collected. Data analysis was with the aid of descriptive statistics. Results show that fish farming activities in the study area are dominated by mature , literate, males who practice fish farming as a secondary  occupation on small-sized low yielding ponds. The most severe constraints affecting aquaculture production in the study area were revealed to be: inadequate supply of improved fish seed, lack of awareness. It was recommended among many others that; the private sector be encouraged to invest in fish seed and fish feed production activities, fish farming
activities be integrated into the Unified Agricultural Extension System, and thaUish farmers should be encouraged to form cooperatives to enable them reap the benefits of large scale production.

Key words: Aquaculture constraints, Akwa Ibom State, Fish Farmers perceptions, Nigeria.

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