Conservation of Fishery Resources: The Case of Oguta Lake Fishery, Imo State, Nigeria

  • LR Keke
  • CE Obiuk
  • DC Njoku
Keywords: Conservation, Fishery Resources, Holistic Approach, Oguta Lake


The problems of fishery as a common property natural resource was studied using Oguta Lake, the biggest lake in Eastern Nigeria fishery as a case study. Results showed that there was an attitude of free access to the fishery as there were no basic rules and regulatory measures for the exploitation and conservation of this limited resources. This has resulted in the depletion of the fishery due to over fishing. However, other factors such as technological innovation and lack of effective legislation to protect stock were also identified in stock depletion. Means of ameliorating the over exploitation of the fishery were outlined and these include conservation, legislation and managerial options.

Key Words: Conservation, Fishery Resources, Holistic Approach, Oguta Lake


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eISSN: 0189-8779