Food and feeding habits of the african electric fish ( Mormyrus rume) in Anambra River, Nigeria

  • CD Nwani
  • DE Odo
  • EE Oti
  • OI Okogwu
Keywords: Mormyrus rume, , food and feeding habit, Anambra River.


The food and feeding habits of 400 specimens of the African electric fish -Mormyrus rume (Osteichthyes: Mormyridae) in Anambra river, Nigeria were studied from October, 2004 to March, 2006. Fish specimens were collected monthly at Otuocha and Ogurugu areas of Anambra River using hook and line, traps, gillnets and cast nets of various mesh sizes. Out of the nine (9) categories of food consumed, the most dominant group was the insecta, with the index of food significance (IFS) = 69.49; while the least was the rotifera, with IFS= 0.42. Variation in the stomach fullness condition showed that 17 (4.25%) of the stomachs studied were empty, 108 (27.0%) were full and 275 (68. 75 %) were partially filled. Stomachs were generally full during the rains when feeding intensity was high while empty stomachs and partially filled stomachs predominated in the dry season. Food richness and diet breadth were significantly higher in females than males and were also higher in wet than dry season (P < 0.05).

Key words: Mormyrus rume,, food and feeding habit, Anambra River.


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eISSN: 0189-8779