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Seed propagation of Allanblackia floribunda by mechanical pre-germination treatment in Nigeria

BA Ekeke, O.O. Nuga


Allanblackia floribunda (Guttiferae) is an economic wet evergreen rainforest tree species indigenous to Nigeria. It regenerates naturally by seed but has difficult seed dormancy which discourages artificial regeneration of the species for plantation establishment. To reduce the dormancy, collected seeds were tested for viability by floatation in water and 38% viability was obtained. Mechanical pre-germination treatments were given to the viable seeds: total removal of seed coat, sand-paper scarification and laceration. These were sown in forest topsoil and washed river sand media respectively in completely Randomized Design in the Nursery. Seeds with testa totally removed and sown in forest topsoil started germination (radical emergence) two weeks after sowing and had 50% germination while plumule emergence started 16 weeks after sowing and achieved 26% emergence. These results are better than any germination results hitherto obtained about this species. However, there is still need for further studies to improve on the plumule emergence. The species has hypogeal germination and the study may be centered on the embryo germination progress.

Key Words: Artificial propagation, seed, physical method, planting media, Allanblackia floribunda

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