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Comparative analysis of mangrove species and seedlings in a Riverine Region of Ogoniland, Nigeria

B.A. Ekeke
G Vure


The comparative study of mangrove species and seedlings with respect to their density and relative abundance were carried out in the mangrove back swamp in Gokana Local Government Area, Rivers State, Nigeria. Four transects each with length and width of 100 m and 10 m respectively were set up with more than 1 km from each other. Each station was subdivided into four subplots of 2 5 m x 1.0 m. Data collection was based on identification, enumeration and recording. Density of species and seedlings were analysis using number of stem wood per hectare while relative abundance was expressed in percentage. Mangrove species density was highest in Plots 4 and lowest in Plot 1. Rhizophora racemosa had highest relative abundance in Plots 1 (62.07%) and 2 (4 1.08%). R. mangle had highest relative abundance (4 1.67%) in Plots 3, while in Plots 4, R. mangle, A. aureum and P. reclinata recorded 26.56% each. Mangrove seedlings were: Plot 1(1.35%), (Plot 2) 2.02%, Plot 3 (93.67%) and Plot 4 (2.96%). The bulk density of seedlings in Plots 3 was attributed to high population of matured stand which enhanced constant production of propagates. Critical attention and artificial regeneration should therefore be given to waterfronts to facilitate sustainable growth and development of species and seedlings at the water front and the entire ecosystem.

Keywords: Nigerian mangroves, composition, abundance, Rhizophora racemosa, Niger Delta