Preliminary assessment of some physico-chemical parameters of Hanyin Danmani stream, Kaduna State, Nigeria

  • M.M. Babatunde
  • M.M. Sulaiman
Keywords: Water quality, evaluation, pollution, Hanyin Danmani Stream


Preliminary determination of physico-chemical properties of Hayin Danmani stream, Igabi Local Government Area of Kaduna State, Nigeria was conducted in order to determine some physic-chemical parameters concentrations. Two different sampling stations were selected and samples were collected twice a month for three months, Nov 2015-Jan 216, along the course of Hayin Danmani stream. The mean values of pH (7.5±5.6), electrical conductivity (EC143±27.92 μs/cm), total dissolved solids (TDS 1515±54 mg/L) and turbidity (85±74.5 NTU were found to be higher than the recommended limit of World Health Organization (WHO) and Federal Environmental Protection (FEPA) with the exception of dissolved oxygen (DO, 6.5±3.4 mg/L), biochemical demand (BOD, 3±1.06 mg/L) and temperature, which were found to be in lower concentrations and within the recommended limits of FEPA and WHO respectively. The analysis of variance showed no significant difference in the months of November to January (p>0.05). The study revealed that Hayin Danmani Stream was polluted and the receiving river, the primary important streams, ponds and rivers need to be well monitored against all forms of contaminations and thus the impairment of water quality and other important aquatic organisms.

Keywords: Water quality, evaluation, pollution, Hanyin Danmani Stream


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