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Seasonal abundance of epipelic algae and sediment parameters of Amadi-Ama Creek, Port Harcourt, Nigeria

B.B. Otene, J.F. Alfred-Ockiya


Amadi-Ama creek is located close to sources of wastes which are introduced into the creek thus altering the physico-chemical parameters and the aquatic biota of the creek due to variation in nutrient load of the water. The seasonal abundance of epipelic algae and sediment parameters of Amadi-Ama Creek were investigated for two years (January 2009-December 2010). Sediment and epipelic algal samples were collected from six sampling stations and analyzed following standard method of APHA. The epipelic algae encountered in dry and wet season in 2009 were respectively 4845 counts/ml and 4864 counts/ml but 5006 count/ml and 4864 counts/ml in 2010. A total of 79 species of epipelic algae consisting of five taxa were encountered with Bacillariophyceae dominating in both seasons. Among the parameters studied, conductivity and sulphate values differed significantly with season in 2009 while sulphate and nitrate exhibited non-seasonality in 2010. There were fluctuations in some sediment parameters studied. Seasonal variation in sediment nutrients and other physicochemical parameters affect the abundance of epipelic algae in the creek. Therefore, it is recommended that wastes from the surrounding should not be indiscriminately introduced into the creek to avoid further contamination of the creek water.

Keywords: Season, epipelic algae, sediment parameters, Amadi-Ama Creek, Port Harcourt
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