Growth of Phytoplankton in Different Fertilizer Media

  • M. O. KADIRI Department of Botany, University of Benin, Benin City, Nigeria


The growth response of phytoplankton was examined in organic manure and inorganic fertilizers. The organic fertilizers used were cow dung, poultry droppings as well as their combination with inorganic fertilizer while the inorganic fertilizer was NPK triple super phosphate (ratio 15:17:17). The study involved both natural (aerial) and artificial inoculation of phytoplankton. The prominent phytoplankton from aerial inoculation was mainly Chlorella sp and to a lesser extent Oscillatoria sp. In the artificially inoculated experiments, the phytoplankton used were Chlorella sp., Scenedesmus sp, Oscillatoria sp, Spirogyra sp, and Euglena. In both experiments- natural inoculation and artificial inoculation, poultry droppings elicited the optimum growth response. Interspecific comparison shows that in the inorganic fertilizers, Chlorella sp. generally recorded the highest growth in the same medium and there was no significant difference between Scenedesmus and Oscillatoria sp. whereas in the inorganic fertilizer, there was no significant difference between the growth response from all phytoplankton. All experiments lasted 14 days.

Key words: Aquaculture, Phytoplankton Production, Biofertilizer, Inorganic

Journal of Aquatic Sciences Vol.18(1) 2003: 15-20