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Helminth Parasites of <i>Synodontis clarias, Chrysichthys auratus</i> and <i>Chrysichthys nigrodigitatus</i> from Omambala River, Otuocha, Anambra State, Nigeria

OC Okemadu


Roundworms are the most common parasites found in both freshwater and marine fishes. A study was conducted to examine helminth parasites in some catfishes from Omambala River, Anambra State, Nigeria. Two hundred and fifty randomly selected fish samples comprising of 100 Chrysichthys auratus, 62 Chrysichthys nigrodigitatus and 88 Synodontis clarias were collected between the months of January and June, 2017. They were examined for intestinal helminth parasites using standard conventional parasitological methods. The rate of infection was determined using low power (x10) binocular microscope to enumerate number of worms. Results revealed that Caryophyllaeus and Cosmoxyema were present in C. nigrodigitalus, Wenyonia, Polyonchobothriom, Paraglaridacris and Cosmoxyema were recovered from Synodontis clarias and parasite was observed in C. auratus. Small intestine was the site preference for the parasites. Parasite prevalence was lower in C. nigrodigitatus (8.1%) (p < 0.05) than in S. clarias (82.23%). There was no significant relationship (p > 0.05) in infection rate of parasites between C. nigrodigitatus and C. gariepinus. The males of C. nigrodigitatus had a lower prevalence (6.25%) than the females (10%). Similar trend was observed in S. clarias with the males having a prevalence of 84.9% while the females recorded a prevalence of 86.7%. This may mean that female fish had higher loads of parasite infections than their male counterpart. The study showed that helminthes are important parasites of S. clarias in Omambala River.

Key Words: Fresh water fish, Omambala River, Helminth parasites, Rondonia sp, Chrysichthys auratus