Effects of Dieldrin on Growth and Accumulation in Tissues of Clarias gariepinus, Under Laboratory Conditions

  • S. L. LAMAI Department of Fisheries, Federal University of Technology Minna, Nigeria


Mature adult, Clarias gariepinus were obtained at the ABRU hatchery in Sonning (UK), were they had been bred and reared for several years. These were exposed to two concentrations of dieldrin in water (2.4 µg.l-1 and 4.0 µg.l-1) for one month. Samples of liver, brain and muscles weighing 250 mg from both exposed and control fish were taken and residue analysis of dieldrin these tissues was carried out using gas liquid chromatographic analytical procedures. The results indicated significantly (P < 0.05) higher residues in liver than in muscle and brain. The results also showed that residue levels were concentration dependent.

Key words: Dieldrin, chronic toxicity, Clarias gariepinus.

Journal of Aquatic Sciences Vol.18(1) 2003: 35-38

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eISSN: 0189-8779